Becoming a Christian Artist drawing of the church

  Monty Raney, Pastor
  Jill Stempel, Music Minister
  Judy Bixler, Ministry Assistant
  Becky Walker, Sexton

  (434) 848-3760

Welcome to our web site. Lawrenceville Baptist is a church growing in faith and the awareness of God's work around us. We offer programs for all age groups and Spiritual Development opportunities for every Christian at every walk of their journey. Come visit us soon, or contact us for information. We would love to see or talk with you about your walk with Christ.

Services each Sunday 10:50 AM

Sunday School - Bible Study opportunities 9:40 AM

Revival begins in the hearts of man, and continues into the community.  Today marks the first day of the rest of your life.  I pray it also marks the first day of YOUR REVIVAL!  


As a body of committed Believers, we shall come to KNOW Christ in a real and personal relationship. We shall GROW in Spiritual maturity. We shall SHARE CHRIST through the example of His presence in our lives to our community and throughout the world.



Monday, September 25, 2017